The Largest Churches in the US

The Case for Small

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead That quote has stuck with me for decades. I don’t make an effort to not follow CCM, Christian magazines, and podcasts; it’s just that they don’t interest me. So, I’m …

A young worship leader using ChatGPT at a coffee shop

Analysing Your Worship Setlist with ChatGPT

Learn how worship leaders and pastors can use ChatGPT to help with their setlist and sermon. Copy and paste prompts.

Excellent worship team

Excellent Worship vs Worship Excellently

You know the saying Let me put my thinking cap on? It’s all wrong. I’ve never had a thinking cap, yet have had great many thoughts and ideas. The origin of that phrase seems to be humorous and is the opposite of a Dunce cap – which is a very real thing, and I actually …

ChatGPT Testimony

ChatGPT Testimony

My wife and I were joking about ChatGPT and how it could even write its own testimony… and that was all I needed. I headed to my laptop and fired up ChatGPT and asked it to give me a testimony in first person. Here it is. A ChatGPT testimony. It got all of the “big …

The Largest Churches in the US

The Largest Churches in the US

Out of curiosity, I was wondering who were the biggest churches in the US were. Where were they located and what’s their average weekly attendance. This is just a list, no opinion, of the largest churches in the US.

Robotic worship team

Playing Worship Songs to the Recording

Almost every mega church worship band plays their worship set to the recording. This is mostly due to the use of multi tracks in worship. While the use of backing tracks in worship is a debate in itself, I’d rather explore my own thoughts on consistently playing worship sets to the recording. Why do Worship …

Best Worship Podcasts

Best Worship Podcasts

I’ve curated a list of podcast for worship teams to check out. Podcasts are a great way to get fresh perspectives. I listen to at least 2 a day – as I work.

Artificial Intelligence Pastor

AI Generated Easter Service: A Data Driven Sermon!

From a simple challenge to my kids to build something with ChatGPT to creating a complete AI generated Easter Service. Just a normal Monday. You’ll see a complete 30 minute sermon, a complimentary worship setlist, a custom worship song, Facebook post, a slideshow outline, and even some marketing tactics. All generated by GPT4. Buckle up. …

Multitracks for Worship

Multitracks for Worship: A thought Challenge

See why I think multitracks is bad for musicians, bad for worship, and bad for team building.

Worship Leader on Acoustic Guitar

Should a Non Christian be in the Worship Team

Do non-Christians have a place in the leadership and worship of a church? It’s one of those questions that can divide communities and ignite passionate debates. Many Christians are conflicted on this topic. Pastors and worship leaders are possibly conflicted even more. Given their positions of leadership and their quest to grow teams and shepherd …